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‘Crash Drive 3’ Launching on ALL the Platforms July 8th with Full Cross-Platform Online Play

The Crash Drive series of open-world stunt-driving games dates back more than a decade, with the most recent entry Crash Drive 2 gracing mobile and PC platforms for several years now with a Nintendo Switch version arriving early last year. And it’s not hard to see why the game has been so successful: It’s crazy amounts of fun. You’re plopped into large open-world maps and automatically connected with a lobby of other players online in the same map. Once you’re there you’re free to do pretty much whatever you want. You can roam around solo and try to complete various challenges or discover secrets, or you can partake in the numerous types of competitive events that crop up every few minutes.

These can be things like racing the other players, seeing who can collect the most coins, “tagging" objects in the environment similar to the old Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater multiplayer mode, and more. All of this is tied together nicely with a super in-depth progression system that sees you growing and leveling up your stable of vehicles and their various stats. While not specifically a car combat game, Crash Drive 2 gives me the warm fuzzies I’d get back in the day playing games like Twisted Metal with a couch full of friends. Like I said, it’s crazy fun.

Anyway, after a number of years supporting Crash Drive 2, it’s now time for a sequel, and developer M2H is going all out. Crash Drive 3 has been officially unveiled and will be heading to ALL THE PLATFORMS on July 8th, check out its trailer below.

Crash Drive 3 will offer even more of the mayhem that made the original games so good. More open world levels to explore, more crazy events to partake in, more vehicles to customize and upgrade. Like any good sequel should, it’s offering more and better. However, what M2H is doing this time around that’s blowing my mind is that they’ll be launching Crash Drive 3 simultaneously across 9(!) platforms all on the same day, and they’ll all have cross-platform play between each other. This is darn near unheard of.

Also impressive is that Crash Drive 3 is available for pre-ordering/pre-registering/wishlisting/etc on most of those stores now. Most relevant to us is pre-ordering on the iOS App Store here or pre-registering on the Google Play Store here, but you can also find it on Steam and the Epic Games Store for PC, on the Nintendo Switch eShop, on the Microsoft Store for Xbox, or on the Sony PlayStation Store. Phew! Be sure to hop in the driver’s seat on any or all of these platforms when Crash Drive 3 launches on July 8th.