New Druid Class Heading to ‘Roundguard’ on Apple Arcade this Week

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Those longing for some classic Peggle-like gameplay on the App Store (and no, Peggle Blast doesn’t cut it) were treated to a fantastic option with the release of Roundguard from developer Wonderbelly Games on Apple Arcade in March of last year. It took that pachinko-like bouncing ball gameplay Peggle made famous and injected a healthy dose of cool RPG and combat elements, and we enjoyed it a lot in our review from back then. While Wonderbelly has supported the game with a handful of content updates since release, its biggest update yet is coming this week as reported by PocketGamer and it’ll add an entirely new playable class with the new Druid character Sprig. Here’s a trailer showcasing what you can expect from Sprig.

Let’s start off by saying that Sprig is absolutely adorable, at least until she transforms into a massive angry tree. Her other abilities include summoning vines and birds and teleporting between the sprouts she can plant on the board, and she’ll come with new weapon and armor equipment that change the effects of those planted sprouts and create entirely new combo opportunities. And of course a new character will also come with new quests, new daily and weekly challenges, new achievements, and more. If you’re an Apple Arcade subscriber who has yet to give Roundguard a go you should definitely get on that right away, and look for the new Druid Sprig to arrive in an update this Thursday, June 24th.

[Via PocketGamer]

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