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‘IMMORTALITY’ from Sam Barlow (Her Story, Telling Lies) Is an FMV Adventure Set to Release in 2022 on PC and More

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Following Her Story and Telling Lies ($6.99), Sam Barlow is back with IMMORTALITY. IMMORTALITY is a new FMV game published by Half Mermaid and it is all about Marissa Marcel, a film star who made three movies. None of the movies were released and she has disappeared. IMMORTALITY features the three lost movies and it looks like another interesting experience from Sam Barlow. Watch the IMMORTALITY teaser trailer below:

As of now, IMMORTALITY is confirmed to release in 2022 on Steam and more. Beyond Steam, the launch platforms are yet to be announced. Hopefully mobile is among the launch platforms or soon after considering both Her Story and Telling Lies released on mobile. As with Sam’s other games, I’m definitely going to check this out whenever it does release next year. If you’re interesting in IMMORTALITY (I know right), you can wishlist it on Steam here. Have you played Her Story and Telling Lies yet and which is your favourite FMV game on mobile?

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