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‘Transformers: Heavy Metal’ Is a New AR Game for Mobile from ‘Pokemon GO’ Creator Niantic

Niantic just announced Transformers: Heavy Metal, a brand new AR game for mobile devices aiming to bring the Transformers franchise to life. Niantic’s Lightship platform will be powering Transformers: Heavy Metal and the game is being developed by Seattle-based Very Very Spaceship. Transformers: Heavy Metal will let players team up with Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, and more while taking on the Decepticons. Niantic wants to deliver a game unlike anything Transformers fans have played before. The only Transformers game I’ve played that I stuck with is Transformers Devastation developed by PlatinumGames so I’m curious to see how Niantic and Very Very Spaceship’s Transformers: Heavy Metal is when it soft launches. Check out two screenshots from the game via Niantic below:

In recent times, Niantic also announced a collaboration with Nintendo on a Pikmin app. Hopefully we see more from both that and Transformers: Heavy Metal in the near future. If you’re interested in checking Transformers: Heavy Metal out, you can pre-register here. A full global launch is planned for later this year with a soft launch beginning very soon. For Japan, TOMY will be handling the release. Niantic’s Lightship platform features realtime 3D mapping and multiplayer gameplay. Ahead of the Transformers: Heavy Metal release date, check out the official website here. What is your favourite Transformers game and what would you like to see in Transformers: Heavy Metal?