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Build Contraptions to Rescue Donuts when ‘Componut’ Launches in the Next Few Weeks

I’m a big fan of physics-based games where you’re tasked with building some sort of contraption, whether that’s an actual moving vehicle or simply a bridge or other structure. It’s just fun to sort of test the limits of what’s possible with the designs your brain can dream up, and then see how they perform in a physics simulation. Developer buddies Simon and Hans-Erik felt the same way, but also felt that there hasn’t been a good physics-based building game that was designed specifically for creating things using your finger on the touchscreen. Most were first developed with mouse pointers in mind which wouldn’t translate as well to a touchscreen. So this year they decided to dive head first into the cutthroat world of indie game development and create the physics-based building game of their dreams, but one with an interface made from the ground up for chunky human fingers and touchscreens. The result is their first title Componut, which you can see in action in the following trailer.

While I already mentioned I liked these physics-based games, I failed to mention just how much I also love donut-based games. Componut combining these two divine creations is right up my alley. What I like so much about what you can see in the trailer is that there’s a lot of variety to solving the levels in Componut. You’ll be rescuing that missing donut by land, sea, and air. Well, maybe not by sea, but the point being there’s a cool mixture of goals the game has you shoot for which I appreciate. It also seems to be quite open to multiple solutions, and you can even save and load your different creations and share the replays with friends to show off your nutty building skills. The game features 5 different worlds with 10 levels each for a total of 50 levels, plus special items to collect in order to unlock an additional secret world. The plan right now is to release Componut in the next 2-3 weeks so if you enjoy games like this then keep an eye out for it.