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Easy Trigger Games originally announced their cyberpunk bounty hunter action platform shooter Huntdown back in 2016 when it was squarely aimed at iOS and Android devices. And man, it looked good. Everything about it pushed all the right buttons for me, and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it when it launched later that year. Except… it didn’t launch later that year. Instead, because it garnered such a positive reception, Easy Trigger partnered up with publisher Coffee Stain Studios with the intention to put Huntdown out on consoles and PC. That didn’t mean the mobile version was outright cancelled, but it was definitely back burnered.

Huntdown finally did release on consoles and PC a little over a year ago, and hoo-boy did those extra years in development make a difference. That original 2016 trailer looked great, but Huntdown in its final form looked downright phenomenal. It was as if video games following the 16-bit era kept progressing but never entered the 3D era and everyone just continued making awesome side-scrolling action games with pixel art. Despite looking incredible I purposely avoided Huntdown on other platforms in the desperate hope that it would still arrive on mobile someday. This week that desperate hope turned into a reality.

Yes, Huntdown is now available on iOS and Android devices, coming full circle back around to Easy Trigger’s original intent when announcing the game more than 5 years ago. It probably didn’t hurt that Huntdown has been phenomenally well-received on other platforms, making the mobile port a more justifiable decision, but even still it makes me happy seeing a game that was originally envisioned as a mobile title actually make it to mobile.

This is perhaps a bit too much exposition for Game of the Week article that is normally pretty short, but I’ve purposely not talked about the actual game itself too much because there isn’t much reason to. Huntdown is free to try with a one-time premium IAP to unlock the full game, and so there is zero reason you shouldn’t just be downloading and trying it out for yourself right this moment. It offers PLENTY to play for free so you’ll know for sure whether this is the kind of game you want to pay to unlock or not. If you enjoy platform shooters that were popular on 16-bit consoles and in the arcades during the ’90s, chances are you’ll be pulling the trigger on that premium unlock before you even reach the end of the free portion. At least that’s what I did.

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