New Melee-Focused Ninja Class “Sura” Arrives in ‘Black Desert Mobile’ MMORPG

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It’s been a few months since Pearl Abyss launched the new Archer & Fletcher class in Black Desert Mobile, the mobile iteration of their massively popular MMORPG, but now they are back again with another class addition in this week’s update. The new class is called Sura and it’s a melee-focused ninja character with some lightning quick attacks. Sura wields a capital-K Katana, which is actually forged from six(!) different legendary regular old lower-case katanas, to create a powerful blade that aids him in unleashing his 11 different skills. I could list all those out, but you’re better served by watching the following developer video going over all the ins and outs of Sura.

Pearl Abyss is celebrating the arrival of Sura with some free goodies, but they are time limited and as follows: “Adventurers who login before June 6 will receive a Tier-6 horse, a Tier-5 pet, and a permanent costume set for the Sura class. Adventurers who level up Sura before June 7 will earn rewards like 1000 Pearls and the Desert Camouflage outfit." If free stuff and bad ass ninja classes interest you, you’ll want to make sure you log into Black Desert Mobile before those dates to collect the goods, and as is the case with this game you can expect the cool content updates to continue flowing 2 or 3 times a month at the rate they’ve been going. For the full details of everything that’s included in this week’s update besides Sura, check out the official patch notes on the Black Desert Mobile website.

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