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‘Touchgrind Scooter’ Lands on iOS Devices June 10th with Android to Follow Soon

Back in December, developer Illusion Labs announced a new game in the Touchgrind series, which has thus far featured skateboarding and BMX biking. The new game is called Touchgrind Scooter, and as that name implies, it brings a third wheeled vehicle into the fold in the form of a kick scooter. I fully admit that the cool factor of scooters is quite a few levels below that of skateboards and bikes, but in terms of video gaming it’s just an additional reason to shred around a whole new set of cool levels grinding and sliding everything in sight. I’m definitely down with that. Today Illusion Labs has finally announced the release date for Touchgrind Scooter, which they’ve affixed to the end of the previously-released teaser video which you can see below.

As you can tell by the brief glimpses of gameplay in that trailer, Touchgrind Scooter looks to have a bit more in common with Touchgrind BMX than Touchgrind Skate, mostly due to the fact that a two-wheeled scooter is closer to the physical build of a bike than a skateboard. That means you can expect tail whips and bar spins and the like, but as revealed in a quick clip on the Illusion Labs YouTube channel, you’ll also be able to ride around fakie, aka backwards, which should add to the variety of tricks and stunts you’ll be able to do. Touchgrind Scooter will be launching on iOS devices as a free to play title on June 10th and will be coming to Android sometime afterwards.