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Raw Fury’s Unique Musical Narrative Adventure ‘The Longest Road on Earth’ Delayed to May 27th

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Late last month, Raw Fury revealed The Longest Road on Earth ($3.99). The Longest Road on Earth is a collaboration between Brainwash Gang, TLR Games, and Raw Fury and is a unique musical narrative adventure game. It doesn’t include any dialogue or text and features four short stories. Music plays a big part of the experience in The Longest Road on Earth and it features an original soundtrack by Beícoli. When the game was revealed, it had a May 20th release date but it has been pushed by a week today to avoid crunch as revealed by Raw Fury to Pocket Gamer. To get a taste of The Longest Road on Earth, you can watch the trailer below that has been updated to reflect the new release date in the description:

The Longest Road on Earth’s stories focus on relatable experiences and explore both the highs and lows of the everyday life. The trailer looks and sounds excellent and I can’t wait to play the game when it releases on May 27th across iOS, Android, and Steam. If you’d like to check it out, you can pre-order it on the App Store for iOS here and pre-register for it on Google Play for Android here. You can also wishlist it on Steam here. The Longest Road on Earth is a premium release. Ahead of next week’s launch, a pre-launch concert is currently being streamed. What do you think of the game so far from the trailer and will you be getting it next week?

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