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3D Platformer ‘Woodle Tree Adventures Deluxe’ Coming to Mobile this Week

Most people would probably be familiar with developer Chubby Pixel by way of the first-person puzzler Suicide Guy, which has been available on consoles and PC in various forms for years but just came to iOS and Android devices this past January. (It’s called Sleepin’ Guy on iOS, probably because of Apple being Apple.) Anyway, Chubby Pixel is actually responsible for a number of other games, and one of their other more well-known series is the Woodle Adventures 3D platforming games. The first game in the series released a number of years ago on consoles and PC, but more recently was released in a new enhanced version called Woodle Tree Adventures Deluxe which featured a number of improvements over the original as well as a brand new additional level to explore. Now that version is making its way to iOS and Android this week. Here’s a trailer for Woodle Deluxe.

As you can see, Woodle Deluxe is very much a throwback to the early era of 3D platforming games in the mid to late ’90s. You’ll traverse its 8 colorful worlds as Woodle, a hunk of tree trunk, performing platforming challenges and collecting magical water drops in order to “bring back balance" to the land. It’s designed to be a pretty chill experience with a big focus being on exploring and enjoying the vibrant 3D environments. As someone who grew up playing all of those ’90s platformers, I’m a sucker for the recent-ish revival of them, but it’s not exactly a genre that translates too well to the touchscreen. With how hard Suzy Cube nailed it a few years back, there’s a pretty high bar set for all future 3D platformers, but I’m excited to give Woodle Deluxe a fair shake and see what it’s all about when it arrives this Thursday.