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Multi-Character Action Platformer ‘One Escape!’ Coming to Mobile this Week, Available for Pre-Order Now at 50% Discount

Once upon a time, three anthropomorphic friends decided to rob a bank. This group of friends was comprised of a warthog, a gorilla, and a duck. The three best friends in the entire animal kingdom, as everyone already knows. Anyway, this whole bank-robbing thing did not go so well, and all three ended up getting arrested and thrown in the slammer. This is not where these guys want to be. So now it’s up to these three extremely muscular animal people to work together and bust themselves out of prison. This is the premise of One Escape!, an action/puzzle platformer from Bug Studio that launched on Xbox, PlayStation, and Switch back in March through publisher Ratalaika Games and will be arriving on mobile devices this Wednesday courtesy of the fine folks at Crescent Moon Games. Here’s the launch trailer from that console version of One Escape!

As you can see, One Escape! is a neat blend of platforming with some stealth and puzzle elements mixed in for good measure. You’re constantly trying to evade police because, well, they aren’t big on the idea of you breaking out of prison and they’ll do anything to stop you. This includes mindlessly rushing off the edge of high platforms and plummeting to their death. Hey, at least they aren’t after you anymore, I guess. You’ll be able to play as each of the game’s three characters, who all have their own unique abilities that will help you get through the game’s 60 levels. The planned launch date for the mobile version of One Escape! is this Wednesday, May 5th, and if you’re on iOS you can pre-order the game right now for just $1.99 which is 50% of its regular price. I’m definitely looking forward to getting my hands on One Escape! later this week.