Narrative Driven Dating Sim ‘Tender: Creature Comfort‪s‬’ from Kenny Sun, Jie En Lee, and Gideon Lazarus Is Out Now on iOS and Android Worldwide

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While most people will be familiar with Kenny Sun through excellent and intriguing puzzle experiences, Tender: Creature Comfort‪s‬ ($3.99) is something different. Unlike past efforts, Tender: Creature Comfort‪s‬ is a collaborative effort with writer Gideon Lazarus and artist Jie En Lee with Kenny handling the programming. It is a play on swiping and online dating culture and apps dealing with connection and rejection on the path to finding love. Tender: Creature Comfort‪s‬ also features toxic relationships as mentioned on the store page as a content warning. There will scheduled dates, swiping through hundreds of profiles, and more. It is out now on iOS and Android worldwide as a premium game with a PC release via Steam set for this Summer. Watch the Tender: Creature Comfort‪s‬ trailer below:

Reigns is probably the most famous game right now that uses the same swiping mechanics and it is a must play. Knowing Kenny Sun’s past games on iOS and Android and how well they feel on touchscreens, Tender: Creature Comfort‪s‬ with its great visuals and a slick interface feels like a perfect fit. The real time interaction and integration with your schedule is a nice touch. If you’d like to check Tender: Creature Comfort‪s‬ out, you can buy it on the App Store for iOS here and Google Play for Android here. It is priced at $2.99. Head over to our new forum thread for Tender: Creature Comfort‪s‬ here if you plan on buying it or want to read some impressions. What is your favourite Kenny Sun game on iOS and Android?

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    Tender is a narrative game that explores connection and rejection in the era of swipe culture. It’s a story told by an…
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