Xbox App Updated to Bring In Achievements and Leaderboards Support

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A little while ago, Microsoft pushed out a big update to the Xbox (Free) app on iOS and Android with a brand new look. This update was a big step back when it comes to functionality with the removal of the store, achievements, redeeming codes, and more. Since then, the company has slowly been improving the app with the addition of older and new features like remote play. About a month ago, an Xbox app update would test out different achievement experiences in the app rolling out to more users. Today, the app has been updated to bring in support for achievements and leaderboards on game detail pages. This will be rolling out to all players over the month. It has gone live in my Xbox app and the leaderboard feature lets you check your position for the current month and last month. You can also view achievements on people’s profiles.

While the store is likely not coming back, I hope Microsoft brings back redeeming download codes at least. Doing this on the mobile website on the phone isn’t a great experience and it was one of the best parts of the older Xbox app. Check out the updated Xbox app here on the App Store for iOS. You can download it on Google Play for Android here. If you’re considering a setup for xCloud, read this for an Android setup and this for the most recent iOS xCloud update. Do you remote play Xbox games on your phone or iPad?

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