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Narrative Exploration Game ‘Hindsight’ from Annapurna Interactive Is Coming to iOS, Nintendo Switch, and Steam

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At Nintendo’s newest Indie World Showcase, Annapurna Interactive had some great reveals. Of note for iOS users is the newest game from Prune ($4.99) developer Joel McDonald, with Emma Kidwell handling the narrative, Kyle Preston returning for the music, and more. Hindsight was revealed for Nintendo Switch and since been confirmed for PC via Steam and also iOS. Hindsight looked excellent in the Indie World Showcase trailer and I can’t wait to check it out when it hits both iOS and Nintendo Switch (hopefully with a physical assuming I enjoy the game). Hindsight spans the entirety of a woman’s life from birth to today across her childhood home, personal belongings, and more. Hindsight has you slowing down to piece things together as you go deeper into the past. Watch the Hindsight reveal trailer below:

Hindsight doesn’t have a confirmed release date yet but it is “coming soon" to iOS, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam. Until we get a confirmed release date, you can wishlist Hindsight on Steam here. Check out the official website for the game here. If you’ve not played Prune yet, you absolutely need to. Read our review of it here. Annapurna Interactive still has a near spotless track record for me with game releases so I’m excited to check it out whenever it does release. Annapurna Interactive also revealed Last Stop which is a story driven third person anthology adventure from Variable State. This isn’t coming to iOS but is coming to all consoles and PC. What is your favourite Annapurna Interactive release on iOS and have you played Prune yet?

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