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‘Bike Baron 2’ Launching May 27th and Available for Pre-Order Now

Bike Baron? Now that’s a name I’ve not heard in a long, long time. It was nearly 10 years ago that Minigore developer Mountain Sheep released Bike Baron on the App Store, and at a time several years before RedLynx officially brought their Trials series to mobile, Bike Baron was THE preeminent Trials-like experience on the platform. It also lived a fairly long and healthy life, getting frequent content updates up until about 2016, with the game’s development going dormant since then. However, today is a new day for our friend the Bike Baron as Mountain Sheep has announced that, in collaboration with developer Mureena, Bike Baron 2 is officially heading to the App Store next month. And it looks freaking awesome, as you can see for yourself in the following trailer.

If you’re watching the logos at the end of that trailer and are feeling confused as to why Cornfox & Bros. of Oceanhorn fame is listed there, well, they’ll actually be handling publishing duties for Bike Baron 2. It’s not actually as weird of a collaboration as you might think. As we talked about in the initial announcement of the original Bike Baron a decade ago, Mountain Sheep and Cornfox had worked together with Remedy on the excellent Death Rally remake that had released just a few months prior. To top things off, Mureena is the solo endeavor of Juhana Myllys, who was the co-founder of Badland developer Frogmind and who also previously worked at… drumroll please… Trials developer Redlynx! Folks it does NOT get any more full circle than this.

Bike Baron 2 is expected to launch on May 27th at a price of $6.99 and you can pre-order it on the App Store right now or check out the thread in our forums for some discussion about this one ahead of release.