PvP Strategy Survival Game ‘The Walking Dead: Survivors’ Is Out Now on iOS and Android Worldwide

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Following its reveal last month, Elex and Skybound confirmed the release date for the PvP strategy survival game The Walking Dead: Survivors (Free) last week with pre-orders and pre-registrations still ongoing at the time. The Walking Dead: Survivors features characters from the comics and has you trying to defend your town from other players and hordes as you build it up with tower defense mechanics. Details on the various classes included in The Walking Dead: Survivors are here. Today, The Walking Dead: Survivors has finally gone live worldwide on iOS and Android for free after accumulating 2 million pre-registrations leading up to launch day.

At launch, The Walking Dead: Survivors features more than 80 characters from the series in addition to new survivors including the likes of Rick, Herschel, Glenn, and more. While the initial App Store listing had The Walking Dead: Survivors set for April 16th, Elex revealed that the game would launch on April 12th and it is now available for free. You can get it on Google Play for Android here and the App Store for iOS here. It is free to play featuring in app purchases ranging from different kinds of bundles of Rubies to different “Valuable Package" purchases. The online functionality in The Walking Dead: Survivors includes built-in translation tools to allow players across the world to work together in clans as well. If you’d like to play another game featuring The Walking Dead on mobile, check out the recent Bridge Constructor game. Check out the official The Walking Dead: Survivors website here. Were you looking forward to The Walking Dead: Survivors on iOS and Android today?

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