‘Sky: Children of the Light’ Season of Assembly Update is Now Available

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The constant barrage of updates and new content for thatgamecompany’s Sky: Children of the Light continued over the weekend with the arrival of the Season of Assembly update. Seriously, at least once or twice a month since the game’s launch just about two years ago there’s been some sort of new update with a new season or event, new items or features. It’s bananas how well-supported this game is, and that’s reflected in the passion and appreciation shown by the game’s community. For an expert breakdown of what the Season of Assembly entails, I’ll point you towards the developer video below where thatgamecompany’s Nick Ouejian literally climbs a tree and wears a pot on his head while explaining the new season in just about two minute’s time. Following that is the official launch trailer for the Season of Assembly update, which is just darn pretty so I’m including it as well.

The Season of Assembly update arrives on the heels of last month’s Days of Bloom update which did something extremely out of character for a popular free to play game: It introduced a new mechanic that tried to actually reduce the amount of grinding in the game. Sky’s entire ethos is built around being a social game where you get to interact with and spend time with other real human beings by way of this incredible digital world. The team felt that people were so worried about “the grind" for light that they implemented the new Daily Light system to help the daily grind for candles “feel better and less repetitive." That’s pretty cool. If you have yet to check out Sky: Children of the Light for yourself, you can do so for free on both iOS or Android.

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