Throwback RPG ‘Pixelot’ Now Complete with Huge Version 3.0 Update and Arrival on Steam

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Five years ago Kyle Berger spent the free time he had after his wife and child went to sleep chipping away at creating a new RPG that “combines the best parts of old school role-playing games." Just over two years ago the first big part of that dream was realized when the game, Pixelot, arrived on iOS and Android devices. However, it was just one part of the envisioned game, and almost like clockwork a year after that initial release a huge version 2.0 update was released adding tons of new content and features. Now here we are another year removed from that previous big update, and Berger now considers the game finally complete with a massive version 3.0 update that has just arrived for the iOS and Android versions alongside the debut of this new full version releasing on Steam. In this new “final" trailer you can see Pixelot in action for yourself.

Ever since its original release a couple of years ago Pixelot has been getting praise from players in our forums for its solid RPG and puzzle mechanics and oodles of charm. Between its initial release version and the two major yearly updates that have been released, Pixelot is now a pretty darn massive game considering how simplistic it might look on the outside. You can absolutely tell that heart and soul has been poured into its creation, and it’s so lovely to hear stories about indie developers like Berger making a dream game in their spare time like this. So if you enjoy old-school style RPGs and have missed this one over the past two years, definitely consider giving Pixelot a try on any of the platforms where it’s available. It’s just a scant three bucks on either iOS or Android and the new Steam version is currently on launch sale for 30% off too.

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    Pixelot is a classic RPG that combines the best parts of classic role-playing games. In Pixelot you create a custom hero…
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