‘Dragon Quest of The Stars’ Is Shutting Down This June Following Its Launch Last Year on iOS and Android Worldwide

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After originally launching in Japan back in 2015, Dragon Quest of The Stars (Free) finally released worldwide last year for free. Dragon Quest of The Stars is a free to play Dragon Quest experience for mobile with a turn based battle system and support for multiplayer with up to four players in total. A little over a year since Dragon Quest of The Stars hit iOS and Android outside Japan back in February 2020, Square Enix has announced that service will be shutting down this June. The announcement is available on the official English website for it here. When it launched, I was hopeful that Dragon Quest of The Stars lasts longer than some other Square Enix games in the West but sadly it is shutting down soon. Watch the trailer for it below:

Dragon Quest of The Stars included an optional paid monthly subscription called the Star Pass that has various in game items like a Star Pass Lucky Chest Draw, stamina refills once per day, 30 more Luck when the pass is active, and more. This pass also included auto battle and turbo mode. On June 30th at 23:59 UTC, Dragon Quest of The Stars service will end. This doesn’t give me hope for Dragon Quest Tact lasting too long but I know more people playing that at least. I wish Square Enix would just allow global servers or let the people still playing transfer their progress over to the Japanese version that is still running. These shutdowns all add up and make potential players less likely to commit to Square Enix free games on mobile. If you’re interested in checking it out before service ends, Dragon Quest of The Stars is available on iOS and Android for free. Have you been playing it since launch or did you drop it for another free Square Enix game?


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