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Story-Driven Match-3 Game ‘Day Repeat Day’ from the Developer of ‘Barbearian’ Is Coming Next Month to PC and iOS with Pre-Orders Now Live

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Kimmo Lahtinen of Barbearian fame is back with a different experience in the form of Day Repeat Day ($4.99). Day Repeat Day is an interactive story about getting through life with match-3 gameplay. Unlike most games in the genre, it is a premium release. After Barbearian, Day Repeat Day is a very different game and the aim here was to take a commercial genre like match-3 and give it an intimate and personal feel. It deals with real people and their issues and even has elements of mystery as shown in the trailer below. As of now it is set to release next month on PC and iOS with additional platform(s) to be revealed in the future. Here’s our forum thread for the game. Watch the Day Repeat Day trailer below showcasing some of the chat-based gameplay, match-3, and more:

Day Repeat Day releases on PC via Steam and iOS on April 14th as a premium release. If you’d like to check it out, you can pre-order Day Repeat Day on the App Store for iOS here for $4.99. Check out the Steam page here if you’d like to wishlist it ahead of its release. I’m always up for more developers stepping out of what people are used to from them and a premium match-3 game is pretty rare. If you’ve not played Barbearian, we featured it as our game of the week when it released. Read our review of it here. Check out our forum thread for it here. What is your favourite match-3 game on mobile?

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    Day Repeat Day is an interactive story and a match-3 game that takes you through the years in a life of an average perso…
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