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I had been dying to get my hands on Unruly Heroes ever since I learned that it would be coming to mobile early last month. It’s a platforming game from Magic Design Studios who is a developer that’s made up of some former employees from Ubisoft, folks who have worked on a number of popular titles but specifically on the two most recent mainline entries in the Rayman series, Rayman Origins and Rayman Legends. It is from this same cloth that Unruly Heroes is cut, and I’ve found myself absolutely astonished at the animation and overall production values showcased in the game’s trailer. With the game’s release on mobile this week, I can confirm that there’s also plenty of substance to go along with all that style.

Unruly Heroes is loosely based on the Chinese literary classic Journey to the West, and sees you take control of four different characters as you attempt to rid the world of an evil force. You’re able to swap between those four different characters on the fly, and with each of them harnessing unique abilities it actually becomes imperative that you do in order to bypass the game’s many puzzles and challenges. There’s also a fair bit of combat mixed in, and between the actual platforming, the light puzzle elements, and the combat everything gels together in an incredibly nice fashion.

There’s also a bit of progression elements peppered into the experience. Regular old coins that are spread throughout each level can be collected and spent on new costumes for your heroes, and special giant coins are hidden in each level and can be collected and put towards fleshing out each of the characters’ different skill trees. It’s no RPG or anything, but it’s nice to have these added elements to work towards. Similarly, like many platformers, there’s multiple goals for each level, like collecting all coins, finding the hidden coins, and beating the level under the par time.

From the moment the first cutscene starts you know you’re in for a good time with Unruly Heroes. While the in-game art and animations are unbelievable, the cutscenes are as well and the story is interesting and quite humorous at times. This really is a full package and belongs in the same discussion as other high-production value platformers like Oddmar, Leo’s Fortune, and even the Rayman games themselves. This very easily could have been “adapted for mobile" aka made into a free-to-play grind fest, but somehow that’s not the case and instead it’s a fully premium game available at the ridiculously low price of two dollars. Madness.

With fully customizable virtual controls and full support for physical controllers there’s no reason fans of platforming games shouldn’t be giving Unruly Heroes a punt for two measly dollars. You can find it on iOS and Android and be sure to drop by the thread in our forums to leave your thoughts about it.

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