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Magical City-Building Game ‘Townscaper’ is Coming to Mobile this Summer Courtesy of Raw Fury

I’m not sure exactly when it first happened, but oftentimes developer Oskar Stålberg’s tweets would come across my timeline and I would be absolutely blown away by what I was seeing. Oskar is one of the developers behind Bad North, which made its way to mobile courtesy of Raw Fury back in the fall of 2019, and the tweets in question would feature a type of building technology for easily creating structures in a video game. The tech seemed very organic as you could create a little house, and then add a second little house to it, or a second story, or whatever, and everything would just automagically morph into one cohesive, proper looking building. It’s not easy to explain, but it makes a lot more sense when you see it in action, as you can in the trailer below. Anyway, over the past couple of years that cool little tech demo type of thing has slowly morphed into a full city-building game called Townscaper, and you can see the aforementioned trailer for it right here.

As you can also see, this is a trailer announcing that Raw Fury is once again teaming up with Oskar Stålberg to publish the full version of Townscaper on PC, mobile, and Nintendo Switch this summer. The game had launched in Steam Early Access last summer, and has been a massive hit even in its not-quite-finished state. I always imagined how fantastic Oskar’s building tech would feel on a touchscreen as you could literally paint towns with your fingers, so I’m absolutely ecstatic that Townscaper will actually be coming to mobile devices soon.