‘Man Vs. Missiles’ from Spiel Studios Just Got Its 3rd Birthday Update Bringing In Free Coins for All, New Planes, VIP Offers, and More

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After Spiel Studios’ Man Vs. Missiles (Free) hit iOS, it has been updated often with new content, subscription options, and interface improvements. Spiel Studios celebrated two years of Man Vs. Missiles with version 6.0 and since then, the game has gotten events, new planes, levels, power ups, a Pro career mode, and more. Today, Man Vs. Missiles celebrates three years with a brand new update that gives all players 1000 coins. This Man Vs. Missiles 8.0 update also brings in Happy Hours to earn double the coins for 30 minutes. In terms of new content, Man Vs. Missiles 8.0 brings in 3 new planes, interface improvements, and special offers on coins and the VIP subscription.

Man Vs. Missiles 8.0 follows the Christmas update that had a whole new look in addition to the new planes and levels. Man Vs. Missiles is out now on the App Store for free. It includes in app purchases to remove ads or buy various things like a VIP access pass, various coin packs, and more. Check out our forum thread for the game here. If you’ve already had your fill with Man Vs. Missiles, check out the follow up Man Vs. Missiles: Combat here. Have you played Man Vs. Missiles or Man Vs. Missiles: Combat yet?

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