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Multiplayer PvP Action Game ‘Smash Legends’ from LINE Games Has Soft Launched on iOS and Android, PC Crossplay Coming Soon

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LINE Games and 5minlab’s multiplayer PvP action game Smash Legends (Free) was recently revealed to be close to a soft launch. Smash Legends will include support for cross play on mobile and PC when it officially launches worldwide and today, LINE Games has made Smash Legends available in a few countries on mobile for its soft launch. If you’ve not watched any footage for it yet, your aim here is to knock opponents out of the ring with 1v1, 3v3, and up to eight player support across different game modes. As of today, Smash Legends is available through a soft launch on iOS and Android in the UK, Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland. In the soft launch, eight playable characters and six game modes are included. These include 3v3 capture and the eight player battle royale mode. Watch the new trailer for Smash Legends below:

As revealed before, Smash Legends will have a different interface on PC compared to mobile. Smash Legends is set to launch globally with support for multiple languages within the first half of this year. In the near future, mobile and PC cross play will be enabled through the Steam Early Access release. Check out the Smash Legends Steam page here (it is not available in every region yet). For additional gameplay videos, the official YouTube channel has quite a few short clips showcasing different modes, characters, using items, and more. If you’re in a supported region, you can get Smash Legends on the App Store for iOS here and on Google Play for Android here. What do you think of the gameplay videos and are you going to try the soft launch?


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