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‘Blade and Soul: Revolution’ from Netmarble Finally Has a Confirmed Release Date for iOS and Android with Pre-Orders and Pre-Registrations Now Live

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Netmarble just announced the release date for its open world RPG Blade and Soul: Revolution (Free) for iOS and Android. Last month, pre-orders and pre-registrations went live but a release date wasn’t confirmed. Blade and Soul: Revolution will release for free on iOS and Android outside Asia next month. Blade and Soul: Revolution aims to bring over the PC Blade and Soul feel to mobile with a built for mobile experience. At launch, Blade and Soul: Revolution will include the Blade Master, Destroyer, Kung Fu Master, Force Master, and Summoner professions. When it comes to visuals, Blade and Soul: Revolution includes 3D visuals and large-scale areas done in Unreal Engine 4. The version of Blade and Soul: Revolution releasing outside Asia includes changes to the Stamina Consumption System and more to be revealed. Watch the Blade and Soul: Revolution trailer from the Google Play store listing below:

Blade and Soul: Revolution releases on March 4th in 149 countries on iOS and 126 countries on Google Play. If you’d like to check it out when it releases, you can pre-order Blade and Soul: Revolution on the App Store for iOS here and pre-register for it on Google Play for Android here. Pre-registration and pre-order rewards include 1,000 Black Crystals and one premium pet. iOS users get the Sparkle while Android users get the Lumi as premium pets. I’m curious to see how Blade and Soul: Revolution runs on modern iOS and iPadOS devices more than anything because it is always good to see how many games scale on newer hardware. Have you played the Asian release for Blade and Soul: Revolution or were you waiting for the global release?

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