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‘Lyxo’ is a Light-Reflection Puzzler with Some Advanced Tech Under the Hood, Launching February 24th

Light-reflection puzzles have been a popular genre on mobile for many years, but developer Tobias Sturn aka Emoak wants to take things to another level with his upcoming game Lyxo. You may remember Emoak by way of the release of the unique open-world flying machine game Machinaero ($2.99) which came out in late 2019, and as we wrote about prior to its release, it’s a game that took an extra long time to be finished because Emoak spent literal years studying real life aerodynamics in order to have the game’s physics engine be as realistic as possible. Well some of that same type of dedication has made its way into Lyxo as well, as the developer himself explains, “Every light source in Lyxo emits thousands of individual rays that are reflected and refracted physically correctly to provide an immersive space not previously seen in any other game."

You wouldn’t typically think of a simple light-reflection puzzler as something that would tax your hardware, but Lyxo uses a custom-made raytracing technology in order to realistically simulate a beam of light in real-time and apparently this sort of thing wasn’t possible previously due to hardware limitations but as Emoak says “due to the enormous processing power of today’s smartphones it is now possible to physically correctly simulate thousands of individual light rays in real-time." Who would have thought? Lyxo is all set to launch in just a couple of weeks on February 24th on both iOS and Android devices and it’ll be priced at $2.99.