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Zelda-Lite Dungeon Crawler ‘Knightin’+’ Coming to iOS Next Week with Discounted Pre-Order Available Now

Have you ever wished that you could just play through an entire game that was nothing but the dungeons from the original 8-bit The Legend of Zelda? Because that’s pretty much the back-of-the-box description of Knightin’ from solo developer Volodymyr “Wolod" Yakubovych aka Muzt Die Studios. It was originally released as part of the Newgrounds Pixel Day celebration in early 2018, but made its way to Steam in an expanded version called Knightin’+ in 2019 which features four dungeons to plunder your way through by defeating enemies, solving puzzles, obtaining and upgrading items and abilities, and ultimately taking out the final boss. Here is the original launch trailer for the Steam version of Knightin’+ so you can see it in action.

Although on the short side, the Steam version has been well-received by fans since its release, and around this time last year Knightin’+ made its way to Xbox, PlayStation, and Switch where it was similarly enjoyed. Now Crescent Moon Games is stepping in to bring Knightin’+ to iOS devices next week, and seeing how this type of game is very much up my alley, and since I haven’t played the game on any other platforms yet, I’m really looking forward to playing the iOS version as it seems like the type of game that will be a good fit for mobile. You can actually pre-order it on the App Store right now for a 25% discount on its regular price, and look forward to playing Knightin’+ on your mobile device when it arrives next week on February 10th.