Stylish and Creepy Puzzle Adventure ‘Iris Fall’ is Now Available on iOS

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Following its console release earlier this month, NExT Studios have now launched their visually stunning puzzle adventure game Iris Fall on the iOS App Store. Iris Fall originally launched on PC a couple of years ago and won tons of awards for its incredible visuals as well as its fantastic narrative. The gameplay is based around a very neat light and shadow concept where for the majority of the puzzles you’ll need to figure out a way to move the main character Iris from the 3D world into the 2D plane of shadows in order to continue moving through the environment, and there are more typical adventure game puzzle types to solve interspersed as well. Iris Fall has an old-school adventure game sensibility as there’s no real direction and you’ll need to pay close attention to your surroundings and whatever interactive elements are around in order to find solutions. Here is the original launch trailer for Iris Fall so you can see what it’s like in action.

While Iris Fall has been critically acclaimed ever since its release, one of the big sticking points against it is in regards to its length, as this is a game that you can beat in just a few hours and once you know the storyline and the solutions to the puzzles there’s not much reason to play through it again. However, those criticisms were often based on the game’s price on other platforms which when not on sale it typically ranges from $15-20, but this iOS version is a mere five dollars which seems more than fair even given the length of the experience. And that experience seems well worth taking given all the praise Iris Fall has received, and as someone who hasn’t’ played this one on other platforms before I’m really looking forward to diving into the new iOS version. If you also choose to dive in be sure to check out the thread in our forums for some discussion.

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