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Stylish Naval Combat Game ‘Battlecruisers’ Launching February 4th, in Public Beta Right Now

Developer Mecha Weka has been hard at work on a stylish real-time strategy game called Battlecruisers for the past 4 years now, but the light is finally at the end of the tunnel as they’ve announced this week that the game will be launching on iOS, Android, and PC on February 4th. Battlecruisers is a naval combat game set on a flooded planet Earth of the not-too-distant future, and you’ll build up your own warship to take on enemy warships with all sorts of funky abilities and gadgets to attack with. This is all done in a very cool silhouetted visual style, and you can see Battlecruisers in action in the following trailer.

Battlecruisers is planned to launch on iOS, Android, and Steam, but on mobile there’s a catch: It’s a tablet-only game. As someone who games primarily on my iPhone, that’s a bummer! At any rate, if you are an iPad or Android tablet owner, and would like to take Battlecruisers for an early spin, the game is currently in open beta ahead of its February 4th launch so you can try it out for yourself right now. This is a link to the Testflight version for iPads, and on Android you can simply download the Early Access version from the Google Play Store.

I really dig the look of Battlecruisers and hope that it can also make its way to phone-sized devices someday, but if you’re a tablet or PC gamer then you can check it out when it launches early next month.