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‘Yankai’s Diamond’ is Kenny Sun’s Love Letter to Diamonds, Launching January 13th with Discounted Pre-Order Available Now

Developer Kenny Sun likes triangles. Everybody knows that. His 2016 game Yankai’s Triangle told you right there in the title. He followed it up in 2017 with Yankai’s Peak, a game that dealt with 3-sided pyramids, otherwise known as… 3D triangles! See? Then earlier this year was his game Peak’s Edge, a game that was based around regular old flat triangles and the 3D variety. There are some non-triangle game releases peppered in there too, but those 3 games really prove the point I’m trying to make here, that Kenny Sun likes triangles. And that everybody knows that. Well, did you ever think about how if you stuck two triangles together you’d have a diamond? Because Kenny Sun has obviously been thinking about that, hence his newest upcoming game (that I feel can still technically be classified as a triangle game) which is called Yankai’s Diamond. Check out a trailer.

If you’re already a Kenny Sun fan and especially if you’re already familiar with Yankai’s Triangle, then you’ve probably already deduced what it is you do in Yankai’s Diamond. It’s incredibly simple. Flip around the diamonds until the colors on all sides that touch each other are matching. Not too tricky when you’re dealing with just a handful of diamonds, but being a Kenny Sun game you know things aren’t stopping there. Eventually that handful of diamonds makes up just a tiny part of much larger diamonds, and eventually you’ll need to make sure all the sides and colors and patterns all match up nicely. Also very much like Yankai’s Triangle this is a game that’s perfect to just pick up and chew on at your own leisure. Yankai’s Diamond is set to launch on January 13th for $2.99 but if you pre-order the iOS version right now you’ll get it at a discounted price of $1.99, and Android folks can pre-register on the Google Play Store too.