‘Fire Emblem Heroes’ Book V and Version 5.0.0 Update Is Out Now on iOS and Android

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Nintendo just released Fire Emblem Heroes (Free) version 5.0.0 on iOS and Android worldwide. Fire Emblem Heroes 5.0.0 includes Book V on the main story, improvements to Aether Raids and summoning, and a lot more. Book V includes the dvergar with their advanced machinery. Once you clear Book V Chapter 1 Part 5, you can add the 5* mythic hero Reginn: Bearing Hop to your barracks. Today’s update also brings an update to how summoning rates work. For Aether Raids and Aether Resorts, the rules have been updated with Mythic Effects added, level cap of structures increased, and more. Watch the trailer for Fire Emblem Heroes Book V below:

With Fire Emblem Heroes 5.0.0, Limited-Time Combat Manuals have been updated with players now being able to obtain Divine Codes (Ephemera 1 2) from events and exchange them for updated manuals. New weapon skills and weapons to refine and additional heroes via Heroic Grails have also been brought in today. If you’ve been wanting to view past sagas, you can now do that through the Lost Lore menu. For today’s update you can earn up to 13 Orbs through login bonuses. Fire Emblem Heroes is now available worldwide for free on iOS and Android. Details for Feh Pass paid subscription are here. If you’ve not played Fire Emblem Heroes for a while or play it regularly, what do you think of the new content?

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