‘Silent Hill’ Is Coming to ‘Dead by Daylight Mobile’ on October 26th Bringing Two New Characters to the Asymmetric Survival Horror Experience

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Dead by Daylight Mobile (Free) from Behaviour Interactive finally arrived on iOS and Android worldwide after a long soft launch. Since launch, it has been regularly getting new content and features and is a great 4v1 asymmetric multiplayer survival horror experience. On PC and consoles, Dead by Daylight recently added in a new Silent Hill collaboration bringing Konami’s beloved horror franchise to Dead by Daylight. Check out the official website for that collaboration here. It even has a retail release happening in some regions on consoles. Since that collaboration, mobile players have been wondering when Silent Hill would arrive in Dead by Daylight Mobile. Today, Behaviour Interactive confirmed the release date for Silent Hill joining Dead by Daylight Mobile. Watch the collaboration trailer video below:

This collaboration will see two new characters joining in. Cheryl Mason and the new killer, Pyramid Head. Pyramid Head is called The Executioner in Dead by Daylight Mobile. If you’re not familiar with the gameplay, Behaviour added in a Training Mode which lets you learn the basics before getting into a game with real people. If you’ve not played it yet, Dead by Daylight Mobile is available for free on iOS and Android. This Silent Hill content will be released in Dead by Daylight Mobile on October 26th in an update for both iOS and Android. Have you played the Dead by Daylight Silent Hill content on consoles or PC yet and do you play Dead by Daylight Mobile regularly?

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