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Optillusion and XD Network Are Bringing Puzzle Adventure ‘Moncage’ to Mobile, Nintendo Switch, and PC in 2021

While puzzle games are not even remotely uncommon on any platform, there are some that manage to impress with their concept and visuals. Moncage from Optillusion is a vignette puzzle adventure that blends illusions with gorgeous visuals. It was originally announced for PC and it is also coming to Nintendo Switch and mobile. Moncage is set to be published by XD Network on all platforms next year. Moncage includes perspective-based puzzles as well and features a narrative spread across the world that players will discover with lots of details to uncover. It includes 50 worlds with over 60 puzzles as you try and uncover the mysteries of the cube. Watch the trailer showcasing some of the gorgeous visuals and music in Moncage below:

Moncage has been in the works for PC for a while. The developers have been posting about the design and showing it off at events like PAX East for over a year now. Today, it has been confirmed for not just mobile but also Nintendo Switch. A release window and price point have not been announced yet. I’m definitely going to keep my eye on it because it looks great and also feels like it would be amazing to play with touch controls. As of now, you can wishlist Moncage on Steam for PC here. Moncage is set to release next year on mobile, Nintendo Switch, and PC in 2021 from XD Network. What is a recent puzzle game you’ve enjoyed on mobile?