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Grim Narrative Survival Game ‘The Last Train – Final Ride’ Arrives on iOS Next Week, Available for Pre-Order Now

A little more than two years after launching on PC, Smash Game Studios has announced this week that they’ll be bringing their grim narrative survival sim The Last Train to the iOS platform next week. The Last Train takes place in an alternate timeline post-WWII America and sees a country that has been ravaged by the war. You are one of the last remaining train operators and so you’ll do what you know how to do best: Travel by train from city to city.

Along the way you’ll meet a wide variety of characters who you can choose to help out and you’ll need to scavenge for supplies and craft items in order to stay alive and keep your train running. The Last Train just celebrated its 2-year anniversary on Steam with a big Definitive Edition update, and you can see the trailer for that below and get an idea of what the game is like.

The Last Train explores the effects that war can have on the people who live through it, and it’s an interesting angle to see it through the eyes of a blue collar worker like a train operator rather than an actual soldier. The game will test your own morality too, as the game asks “Will you help the remaining survivors reach their families, help the terminally ill or will you be greedy and make the most out of the dire situation by hoarding all the supplies you get from them?" These choices will be reflected in the world around you and how the game’s story plays out.

The iOS version is titled The Last Train – Final Ride and includes all of the content from the Definitive Edition on desktop as well as iOS-specific features like haptic feedback, Game Center, and full optimization for both iPhone and iPad screen sizes. This will also be a fully premium release with no ads or IAP, a first for Smash Game Studios. You can pre-order The Last Train – Final Ride on the App Store right now for just $1.99 and it will be arriving next Tuesday, October 20th.