New Hero Varfa and Her Gorilla Companion Orhu Coming to ‘Meteorfall: Krumit’s Tale’ as Paid DLC this Month

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Right at the tail end of August, developer Slothwerks released the latest Meteorfall game, Meteorfall: Krumit’s Tale, to iOS and Android devices following close to a year of Early Access on desktop. As you might be aware we were massive fans of the original game in the series, 2018’s Meteorfall: Journey, and were stoked to see where this new iteration on the card-based dungeon crawler formula would go with Krumit’s Tale. Spoiler alert: It turned out great, and we chose it as our Game of the Week when the mobile version hit back in August. Now in celebration of the game’s two-month anniversary a new hero is joining the fray as a paid addition to the game, and it’s none other than Varfa the Ranger and her gorilla companion Orhu. A video!

Probably the coolest thing about Varfa is her gorilla Orhu who has 9 of his own abilities and will change visually as he levels up. Varfa herself has a really cool trapping mechanic that allows you to lay out various traps on the board to try and ensnare your enemies with, and she’s also skilled with a bow and can utilize ranged attacks. Overall the addition of Varfa and Orhu will add more than 50 new items and abilities to the game. She comes as paid DLC which will be $1.99 across all platforms, and she’ll first arrive on Steam on October 21st with her iOS and Android debut happening a week later on October 28th.

But wait, there’s more! A brand new update to Meteorfall: Krumit’s Tale has just arrived featuring a new mutation called Reaper’s Curse. “Ascend 7 deadly floors in the Haunted Spire and defeat the Ghost King before you’re consumed by his deadly curse." You can try it out right now in the Mutation Mode menu or periodically during the Daily Challenge, and it seems like a good way to spend the next couple of weeks waiting for Varfa and Orhu to arrive.

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