‘Rabbids Coding’ is a Totally Free Game that Teaches the Core Basics of Programming, Now Available on Mobile

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About a year ago Ubisoft released a cool educational game called Rabbids Coding on PC. It featured the eponymous mischief-making characters who had invaded an international space station and, doing what they do best, absolutely trashed everything. The goal then was to direct the Rabbids through the sticky situations they’d created for themselves by using a sequence of commands that is based on the basic concepts of programming. Rabbids Coding was released for free with no ads or IAP on PC, and now it has arrived on the iOS and Android platforms as well. Below is a brief trailer showing the game in action, but Ubisoft has also put together a more in-depth video overview if you want to learn more details of how the game works.

Mobile is a nice destination for a game like Rabbids Coding as similar games like Human Resource Machine or its sequel 7 Billion Humans have shown. While the concept is rooted in programming, you don’t have to have a specific interest in programming to enjoy something like Rabbids Coding. It’s more or less a logic puzzler and if you enjoy games like that then you’ll very likely enjoy what this game has to offer. And hey, it’s free, so why the heck not? You can download Rabbids Coding right now on both iOS and Android and check out the thread in our forums for some discussion.

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