‘Pokemon Cafe Mix’ Just Got a New Update Bringing In Support for New Orders and the Hattrem Challenge Is Now Live for a Limited Time on All Platforms

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Pokemon Cafe Mix (Free) for iOS, Android, and Nintendo Switch has been getting updated with new content including new Pokemon, orders, and more ever since it released. Pokemon Cafe Mix is the second Pokemon game to hit mobile and Nintendo Switch after Pokemon Quest. Recently, the game was updated to add the new team feature for events. Read about that update here. Today, a new update went live alongside a new event. The update is Pokemon Cafe Mix 1.5.0 and it adds support for 50 new orders. For the event, Hattrem is the special customer who you need to recruit. You have until October 21st to encounter Hattrem. This event will let you add Hattrem to your staff. Watch the Pokemon Cafe Mix trailer below:

If you’ve not played it yet, Pokemon Cafe Mix has you trying to solve puzzles to serve drinks and dishes in your own Pokemon Cafe and it uses touch controls even on Nintendo Switch. The actual puzzles involve matching Pokemon icons together and puzzles have different objectives. It is a free to start game with in app purchases. If you’re interested in checking it out, you can get Pokemon Cafe Mix on iOS here on the App Store and on Android here on Google Play. If you’d like to get it on Nintendo Switch, download it here on the eShop for free. Check out the official website here. It is going to be interesting to see if it has any collaborations planned for the upcoming Sword and Shield expansion pass content coming later this month. Have you been playing Pokemon Cafe Mix often?

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