TouchArcade Game of the Week: ‘PAKO Caravan’

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I am an unabashed fan of Tree Men Games and their PAKO series. The original PAKO – Car Chase Simulator had you steering a vehicle stuck on accelerate as you avoided running into obstacles and tried to outrun an increasingly ferocious police pursuit. PAKO 2 added way larger levels, the ability to fight back against the cops a bit, and heist-style missions to complete which made the entire experience feel like a non-stop slice of Grand Theft Auto. PAKO Forever revisited the original game’s formula but with an element of randomness in terms of environments and items, as well as a whole bunch of surprises.

The most impressive thing about the PAKO series is how there are three different games rooted in the same concept but they still somehow feel distinct from one another. Each game is like its own unique spin on the overall PAKO formula. This is once again true with the fourth entry in the series PAKO Caravan which launched this week. Like all the PAKO games the premise here is easy to understand. You’re driving an car stuck on GO and you need to avoid crashing into anything.

The twist here is that you aren’t trying to survive as long as possible, but instead you’re collecting trailer icons throughout each map which will add a varying number of trailers onto the back of your vehicle. Before long you’ll have a massive snake of trailers… well, trailing behind you and your goal is to see just how many darn trailers you can get attached to your vehicle before either crashing into an environmental obstacle or into your own tail of trailers like a game of Snake gone bad.

That’s it! The beauty of PAKO Caravan is in its simplicity and the sheer chaos of trying to control dozens of trailers as you careen around each map. There is more to it than just that, like unlockable levels and some special abilities like jumping, but by and large this is just a game about seeing how long you can manage a mess and then seeing how well you stack up to your Game Center buddies. PAKO Caravan is free with ads and a $3.99 IAP to disable them so there’s no reason you shouldn’t just be trying it out for yourself right this minute.

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