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‘Rowdy City Wrestling’ is ‘Rowdy Wrestling’ with a Story-Driven Campaign, Coming September 17th

Developer Colin Lane LOVES wrestling. And golf. But mostly wrestling. And not just any wrestling but wacky physics-based wrestling in particular. Back in 2015 Lane and company’s Wrassling (Free) had us in stitches with its… nonconventional take on pro wrestling, and the game went on to be something of an underground hit. A few years later a spiritual successor called Rowdy Wrestling (Free) took a less abstract approach to a pro wrestling game by adding in more traditional elements like steel chairs (well, traditional for pro wrestling that is) as well as an expanded set of moves and abilities. Also wacky costumes. Rowdy Wrestling also proved to be a hit, but it was also a rather simplistic affair where you’re simply fighting one match after another. What if you wanted some Rowdy Wrestling but with… MORE. That, my friends, is what Rowdy City Wrestling is all about.

Here is Colin Lane’s own description: “Rowdy City Wrestling is an arcade wrestling game where you take a fighter on a journey to the world championships. The main game mode is the career mode where you fight in 1vs1 matches, royal rumble events and a 6 person free for all brawl mode. During your career you will meet various characters in the gym and surrounding locations. These characters will offer you things like jobs, assistance in a fight or even some backyard wrestling matches. There is a certain randomness to who you meet and what situations pop up so each play through should vary to a degree. There are around 30 fighters to unlock and an endless mode for when you want to just jump straight into the action." It sounds absolutely glorious for someone like me who has a blast busting out Rowdy Wrestling for a few minutes at a time but often wished that I was working towards something with all my matches. Rowdy City Wrestling will hit iOS and Android on September 17th and it’s available for pre-order on the iOS App Store right now.