Dual Runner ‘Digit & Dash’ from Insomniac Games (Yes, THAT Insomniac) is Brought Back to Life by GameClub

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Insomniac Games are largely known for their output on Sony’s PlayStation platforms over the past two-plus decades, including franchises like Spyro the Dragon, Ratchet & Clank, and Resistance: Fall of Man. Heck, they are so intertwined with PlayStation gaming that Sony themselves gobbled the studio up last year, putting them under the Sony Interactive Entertainment Worldwide Studios umbrella. However, in the seven or so years preceding all that, Insomniac did try to diversify itself by releasing games on multiple platforms including Xbox, PC, and yes even mobile. Back in 2015 one of their newest mobile releases was a clever “simultaneous runner" called Digit & Dash where you had two control two cute little robots independently while they were running up opposite sides of a vertical platform at the same time. We enjoyed it a lot in our review from back then, and here is the original launch trailer for Digit & Dash so you can see what it’s like in action.

Anyway, like far too many games have over the years, Digit & Dash eventually became outdated as Apple released new versions of its hardware and software. And so GameClub has swooped in and nursed it back to health, updating it for all today’s latest devices and adding it to their ever-growing library this week. As with any GameClub game, if you previously owned Digit & Dash then you’ll be able to download the updated version for free even if you’re not a GameClub subscriber. For everyone else, you can download and try out Digit & Dash in a limited fashion for free, and then subscribing to GameClub for $5 per month gives you unlimited access to their library of more than 100 lost iOS and Android classics. That’s right, they’re also on Android now!

The very best place to get started with all things GameClub is through their official app which you can download for both iOS and Android here, and from there you’ll be able to start a one month free trial to see everything the service has to offer, and of course you can cancel at any time. It’s certainly interesting to see Digit & Dash brought back to life after all these years, especially in light of Sony buying Insomniac last year. I mean, in some abstract way, this is a Sony game that is now being published on Apple’s App Store by GameClub. What a wacky world! It’s also just a super fun game in its own right so I’m ecstatic to see it getting a second chance at life, so be sure to check out Digit & Dash now that it’s available again.

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