‘Monster Dash’ from Halfbrick Is Coming Back to the App Store after Being Pulled Back in 2017 Beginning with a Soft Launch

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We’ve been covering Monster Dash (Free) from Halfbrick for a long time. The endless runner debuted on the App Store for iOS back in 2010 and it has been getting updates on and off ever since with a Ghostbusters update that we checked out a long time ago. In 2017, Monster Dash was pulled from the App Store because of GDPR compliance. If you’ve not played or heard of Monster Dash, the endless runner has you playing as Barry Steakfries as you blast through time taking on various monsters. Watch our TA Plays video on it here. Watch the gameplay trailer for Monster Dash below:

Today, Halfbrick announced that Monster Dash is coming back to the App Store beginning with a softl launch set for the end of this month. The soft launch will be available in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Philippines, and Indonesia. It is going to be interesting to see how this ends up being after so many years and so many endless runners on the platform. Monster Dash is free to play with in app purchases as expected. I’m curious to see how it has aged and how it feels on modern iOS devices. The only endless runner I want to play is the upcoming Crash Bandicoot game. Did you enjoy playing Monster Dash back when it was available on iOS?

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