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Intense Premium Space Shooter ‘Interloper’ is Launching July 30th and Available for Pre-Order Now

Anchorite Games, aka solo developer Matt Purchase, announced his newest gaming project Interloper on our forums way back in January of this year. I don’t remember when exactly I came across that discussion thread, but whenever it was, it instantly caught my eye with animated gifs that showed off the game’s extremely stylized visuals and intense dogfights. If you’re like me and grew up playing games like X-Wing vs. Tie Fighter or Wing Commander, two major inspirations for Interloper, then the stunning in-cockpit view is bound to get you excited. Since initially announcing Interloper, Anchorite has been beta testing the game with our forum members, and it’s been fun to follow along as the game has grown and been whipped into great shape over these past several months. Now the time is finally near for Interloper to launch out into the world on its own, and you can see it in action in this most recent trailer.

What I really like is the setup of Interloper, which is designed really well for mobile play. You begin by being launched into an asteroid field or into the general area of a huge space station and you must battle waves of enemies and survive for a certain amount of time. Once the timer is up and you are still alive, you warp into a new zone to do it all over against more and harder enemies. After successfully surviving a round you can choose to leave the battlefield with whatever rewards you’ve collected, OR you can choose to forge on for additional rounds with the potential for even greater rewards, but also a greater risk of dying and losing everything. Interloper is based heavily around outfitting your ship with all sorts of different weapons and gadgets, so it has a real “looter shooter" feel but in an easy to play space dogfighter package.

Interloper also supports portrait or landscape orientations and can switch on the fly, as well as full support for physical controllers. Best of all is that this will be a fully premium release at a price of $5.99 with no ads or IAP. You can find a lot more information and discussion about the game in the aforementioned forum thread, so if you enjoy space shooters and have longed for one that feels designed explicitly for mobile, consider pre-ordering Interloper on the App Store now or at the very least checking it out when it launches July 30th.