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Over the Weekend, Tencent and SNK Revealed a New ‘Metal Slug’ Game for Mobile Platforms

Recently, we learned that SNK is working on a brand new Metal Slug game for mobile platforms internally in Japan alongside a console game. This mobile game is not related to the Tencent one that was also revealed before. Over the weekend, Tencent’s Timi Studios who is also working on Pokemon Unite, announced a brand new Metal Slug game for mobile platforms. It is tentatively called Metal Slug Code: J. Timi Studios is working on faithfully recreating the classic Metal Slug gameplay for new and existing fan. Watch the reveal trailer for Metal Slug Code: J below showcasing some gameplay:

I quite like the art and animations in the trailer above. SNK is no stranger to licensing out its IP to other developers and while some of the projects end up being not amazing, I have a lot of faith in Metal Slug Code: J after that gameplay video. Timi Studios games are excellent and I can’t wait to see how this Metal Slug game turns out when it arrives in the future. More details will be revealed later including hopefully a release window. What do you think of Metal Slug Code: J so far?