‘The World Ends With You Solo Remix’ Just Got Its First Update since 2015 Adding in iPhone X Screen Size and iOS 13 Support

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Back in 2015, Carter wrote about a surprise update to The World Ends With You Solo Remix ($17.99) after everyon thought the game was abandond on both iPhone and iPad. Today, Square Enix surprised everyone with the first update to The World Ends With You Solo Remix on iPhone and iPad since the iOS 9 support update. Make sure to read Shaun’s feature on the game here and our review here. Today’s update isn’t just about iOS 13 support (which was long overdue) but also about iPhone X screen size support. The battle and exploration gameplay now uses the full screen on iPhone X devices. Check out a screenshot from the update below:

Performance is also improved in today’s update on my iPad Air 2. I honestly thought Square Enix would either just let The World Ends With You Solo Remix die on iOS or port the Switch version over since that release uses touch or pointer controls only and is built with Unity. It looks like Square Enix took bits of that version for today’s update. The World Ends With You Solo Remix has had quite the history on iOS with even Square Enix not even knowing what was going on at one point. The screenshot below is from iPad Air 2.

It is worth noting that The World Ends With You Solo Remix on iOS is still a separate purchase on iPhone and iPad so keep that in mind if you plan on buyin it. There seems to be a new The World Ends With You announcement or some news coming at Anime Expo Lite 2020 since the event artwork features The World Ends With You. It is going to be interesting to see if this ends up being a new game, an anime, a PC port, or a combination of those. Have you played The World Ends With You Solo Remix on iOS yet?

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