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‘Fallout’-Inspired Post Apocalyptic RPG ‘Atom RPG’ is Launching on iOS May 29th, Will Come to Android Too

About a year and a half ago in December of 2018 developer AtomTeam officially launched their post-apocalyptic RPG Atom RPG onto Steam following a successful Kickstarter campaign and about a year of Early Access availability. Atom RPG is heavily inspired by some of the classic CRPGs of the ’80s and ’90s like the original Fallout games, Wasteland, Baldur’s Gate, Deus Ex, and more. It takes place in an alternate reality that saw the Cold War actually come to nuclear attacks in the mid-80s where both the East and the West more or less destroyed each other, and you play as a survivor some twenty years later in what was once the USSR. Atom RPG has been extremely well-received on desktop since its launch, and in fact the AtomTeam just this month launched a massive new expansion for the game called Trudograd which has received a similarly positive reception. Here’s the game’s original launch trailer so you can see its heavy Fallout inspiration in action.

As you may or may not be aware, I have been saying for many years now that the original Fallout games would be an absolutely perfect fit for mobile. Bethesda has a pretty big presence on the App Store with the likes of Elder Scrolls: Blades and the various id Software ports, not to mention the massive success they’ve seen with Fallout Shelter over the past several years. So what the heck is the hold up Bethesda!? Well since Bethesda obviously hates money, AtomTeam is giving eager mobile gamers what they want as they’ll be releasing a mobile version of Atom RPG later this week on May 29th. In fact the game was already soft-launched in the Canadian App Store a little over a month ago, albeit as an iPad-only release.

Thankfully AtomTeam have since updated the game with full Universal iPhone support, and perhaps most exciting of all is that your progress from the desktop version can be carried over to this new mobile release and vice versa. You’ll need at least an iPhone 7 or a 2018 iPad in order to run it, and based on the pricing of the Canadian version it should clock in at right around the ten dollar mark which seems like a bargain. This coming release is only for iOS devices, but Android owners shouldn’t fear as there’s a version for you currently in the works as well, but it needs a bit more time in the oven due to the team optimizing and testing for an extensive list of Android devices. If you reside in Canada then don’t be shy, go grab the game right now. The rest of us will need to exercise a little more patience until Atom RPG launches in the rest of the world this coming Friday.