Train Monsters for Battle in ‘Becoming Bytes™’, Available to Download Now for iOS and Android

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Becoming Bytes™ is a fun new monster-raising, collecting and fighting game for iOS and Android. Launched by indie studio Chariots Gaming, it is now available worldwide for free.

You begin Becoming Bytes™ as a trainer attending an academy dedicated to raising monsters called Bytes. After receiving your first hatchling Byte, it’s up to you to make sure it’s healthy, happy and ready for battle. Pet it, feed it, play with it and clear up after it. Bytes have a limited lifespan, but treating yours well will keep it alive for longer. They are also diverse and colourful, ranging from the adorable and pocket-sized to hulking beasts. They each have an evolutionary path, transforming in surprising ways as they grow stronger.

And growing stronger is important, because a menagerie of enemy Bytes is waiting to battle. In mission mode, your Byte must fight through successive waves of enemies, while PvP mode lets you compete directly against rival trainers around the world. Combat is automatic, so you can kick back and watch your Byte fight, or lend a hand by tapping the ‘tap’ button quickly to speed up its attack. You can also select when you want your monster to unleash its special attacks.

As you gain experience points, your Byte will level up, gaining boosts to health, attack and defence. More special attacks will be unlocked as it evolves, and you’ll be able to collect and train more Bytes as the game progresses.

Chariots Gaming will be adding more content soon, including new monsters and gameplay modes. Be among the first trainers to raise and battle Bytes by downloading Becoming Bytes™ for free from the App Store or Google Play today.


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