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Playdigious to Publish Surreal Animated Puzzle Adventure ‘Arrog’ on July 22nd, Discounted Pre-Order Available Now

Some of my favorite games are the ones where I watch the trailer and I mutter to myself “What the HELL did I just watch!?" Such is the case with an upcoming puzzle adventure called Arrog from developers Leap Games Studio and Hermanos Magia, which Playdigious will be publishing on iOS and Android July 22nd. I don’t even really know where to begin to explain what this game might be about, so here’s the official description followed by the trailer.

“Help a man travel through his dreams, as he must learn to accept his own death. Make sense of a bizarre world made out of traditional animations and portrayed in a unique black-and-white art style in this intense narrative experience without words."

Arrog has this really unique black and white look, with some sparse colorized elements, and is entirely hand-animated which you can really tell by the trailer. It just has a really fantastic look, and a really eerie soundtrack, and anything that deals with death always has sort of a heavy vibe to it, as this most definitely does. Whatever the case I’m intrigued, if you couldn’t tell, and Playdigious has a stellar track record of mobile releases so anything with their name on I’m instantly interested in. As mentioned Arrog is launching on July 22nd and if you pre-order on either the iOS App Store or Google Play Store for Android you can get yourself 30% off the launch price.