Limited Time Gravity Force Mode in ‘World of Tanks Blitz’ Lets You Play with Moon Physics and Even Win Actual Land on the Surface of the Moon

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It’s kind of crazy that we’re coming up on the 6 year anniversary of World of Tanks Blitz (Free) launching in the App Store, and over that timespan the game has grown into a massive success. It’s not hard to see why as the full fat version of World of Tanks on PC has for years been known as one of the earliest examples of “free to play done right" along with extremely competitive multiplayer action, and those traits carried over well into World of Tanks Blitz on mobile. We used to talk about World of Tanks Blitz a lot more often around these parts, but to be honest the game is such a well-oiled machine by now and it has such a frequent cadence of updates and special events that it’s pretty ] hard to keep up with it all. However, developer Wargaming has revealed the latest special event for the game, and it’s such a doozy it totally caught my attention. It’s a limited time new mode called Gravity Force, and in short it allows players to battle it out using a physics system akin to being on the Moon. It’s all laid out in detail in the following video.

Yes, gigantic multi-ton tanks flying through the sky like birds totally gets my motor humming. While this new mode can be played on existing maps in World of Tanks Blitz, there’s also a special new map to mark the occasion called the Sea of Tranquility, and it’s based on none other than the patch of land on the Moon that goes by the same name. What’s more is that Wargaming has partnered with the Lunar Embassy, which somehow has exclusive rights to sell land on the moon, so that “the best players" in this limited time mode can be awarded with actual certificates of ownership to parts of the real-life Sea of Tranquility. Yes that means you can potentially… own a part of the Moon, I guess! Pretty crazy. The Gravity Force mode will be active from April 10th to April 16th, and you can check out a recent livestream the dev team held which has even more information and details on the event. Good luck to everyone trying to own a piece of the Moon!

Oh, I almost forgot. Here’s a special code just for our readers that will land you some in-game goodies for the upcoming Gravity Force mode: TOUCHARCADELOVESBLITZ (all caps).

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