Raise and Battle Monsters in Chariots Gaming’s Upcoming Simulator ‘Becoming Bytes™’

Do you ever find yourself wanting to raise your own monsters before leading them into battle? If so, Singapore-based Chariots Gaming might just have the game for you. It’s called Becoming Bytes™ and it recently soft-launched for iOS and Android devices.

The game will start by handing you the first Byte monster that you’re going to raise. You’ll be able to feed, train and play with the Byte monster to help it become stronger. The quality of your care will have a direct effect on the little monster though; neglect to care for them properly and their lifespan will significantly be reduced.

To help players keep on top of this there are hunger and happiness bars that will let you know how they’re feeling. Aside from spending time with your Byte and making sure they’re well-fed, it’s important to clean up after them otherwise they may become ill, which is definitely going to have a negative effect on their fighting ability.

They won’t stay small forever either if you raise them well. There are a plethora of different evolutionary stages the Bytes can turn into once they’ve been trained enough. There are a few different places you can do this that include PvE Dungeons or – if you’re feeling more competitive – PvP Battles.

Once you’ve trained enough in these different game modes you can break your Bytes’ limits which allows them to evolve. The variety of different evolutions possible will bring their own traits to battle with the option to use boosts to make them more powerful for individual battles.

If you’re interested in some monster-raising fun, then stay tuned for when Becoming Bytes™ launches next month on iOS and Android.


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