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Become the Top Dog in the Online Multiplayer Strategy Game ‘Bark Park’ that’s Launching this Week

Anybody who has taken a dog to a dog park knows that it’s like its own alternate universe from the rest of the world. And I’m not talking about the dog owners, although that is an entire sitcom waiting to happen, but the dogs themselves adhere to a strange social structure that only they understand. Everyone wants to pee on all the things, claiming territory as their own only to have it reclaimed by some other dog mere moments later. It’s like a land battle, and probably could make for a really good video game premise. Hey! That’s exactly what Ancient Games are doing with their upcoming title Bark Park. You play as one of several dogs in a dog park with the goal being to drink water from the fountain in order to pee on the trees in the park, hopefully having more trees claimed as your own when the round is over. It’s a cute dog-themed twists on a “territories" style multiplayer mode, as you can see in the following trailer.

Of course, since you’re a dog, you have multiple “weapons" at your disposal like a bark to stun other dogs or pooping to distract them away from taking a territory. And as you can see there is extensive dog customization options, which I totally approve of, and seeing as this is by some of the same folks who brought us games like MAXIMUM CAR and 8-Bit Waterslide you can expect plenty of humor in Bark Park too. If you’re a dog lover and a multiplayer game lover, check out Bark Park when it arrives on the App Store next week on April 8th (the release date has now been moved up to April 4th!).